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Thank you very much for using HD Protector. It is a hard disk analyzer application, Alert System of Hard Disk Errors, created to monitor the hard disk status, temperature, performance and health. Moreover, it can reveal possible problems, performance degradations and predict hard disk failures. By using this software, it is possible to avoid data loss and hard disk damage. This Software show always your Hard Disk Strength and approximate Life.

hard disk protector


Hard Disk Health

Hard Disk Performance

Hard Disk Temperature

Hard Disk Smart Error

Hard Disk Bad Sector

Hard Disk Weak Sector

Hard Disk Surface Error

Hard Disk Predicts Error

Hard Disk Information

ATA Information

S.M.A.R.T. Information

Physical Disk Information

System Information

Alert Information

Transfer Rate Information

Hard Disk Life Information


Save Your Hard Disk

Save Your Data

Save Your Time

Save Your Money



 Care Your Hard Disk

Care Your Data

Care Your OS

Care Your Software

For more information about Hard Disk Protector. Visit Here..

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